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Community Service Requirements & Extracurricular Activities


All students attending Kinsella Magnet School of Performing Arts are required to complete service-learning hours (community service) as a graduation requirement. 

Students are required to complete 60 hours of community service over the course of their high school career. 

This year, there was an exception made for the graduating class of 2016, holding them responsible for only 45 hours completed of community service work. 

All students must complete the Community Service Log Sheet (see attachment below) to receive credit towards their required service hours. Completed log sheets should be submitted to Ms. Rivera for verification. 

Should you have any questions concerning community service requirements and/or your child’s individual progress on this task, please contact School Social Worker, Josie Rivera Cottj001@hartfordschools.org or call 860-695-2043. 


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Students are encouraged to engage in the variety of clubs and activities provided for them here at Kinsella and through our Performing Arts Partnerships.  Some of the opportunities we offer after school can be applied towards their service-learning required hours for graduation.  
For more information about local volunteer opportunities or volunteer opportunities offered after school, contact Social Studies Teacher, Rita Blair blair001@hartfordschools.org or call 860-695-2070 to learn more about the after school Community Service Club.  
For further details on the variety of clubs and activities provided after school, please see the attached clubs and activities flyer below.