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Cultural Exposure

Cultural Exposure
What does Cultural Exposure mean?
Cultural exposure means that Kinsella students attend a broad range of plays, dance and music concerts. In addition to seeing productions outside of the building, visiting artists come to the school to work with the students to deepen their perception, critical thinking and decoding skills. Each cultural experience is tailored to strengthen the students’ abilities to comprehending visual, verbal and physical communication. Students make internal connections about their external worlds, process their learning and demonstrate their understanding by analyzing, applying, evaluating, interpreting and synthesizing in both academic and artistic environments.
Our Community Partners in the Performing Arts
Hartford Performs

Hartford Performs brings visiting artists into Hartford Public Schools to teach curriculum in creative new ways. We take Hartford kids out to area arts organizations to ensure they experience professional dance, music, theater and museums. And we provide Hartford teachers with professional-learning programs that help them use art techniques in their classrooms to help kids learn and develop. Almost 14,000 students in all 30 PreK-Grade 8 public schools in our city benefit from our system each year.

HOT Schools, (Higher Order Thinking Schools)
Kinsella is a HOT School and is supported by the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism with master teaching artist visits, professional development and standards based arts integration. In HOT schools, the arts are rigorous academic subjects, each with its own sequential curriculum that conveys knowledge not learned through other academic disciplines. HOT schools integrate the arts across disciplines, creating arts-rich environments that motivate students to make connections between and among subject areas and ideas. HOT schools cultivate a democratic school culture to which all members of the school community contribute and in which individual leadership is emphasized. The HOT approach is reflected in a school’s commitment to child centered, experiential, arts integrated teaching and learning. In an arts infused environment, the processes of creating, performing and responding lead to increased achievement, increased attendance by students and staff, lower rates of retention, higher self-esteem, decreased discipline problems, greater parent participation and a growing sense of community.
Art Farm
Students from 1st grade to 8th grade see a circus in which actors juggle bottled water and polar bears dance on melting ice floes. The props and set are all recycled materials and the core of clowns is called the Fossil Fools. Circus for a Fragile Planet is an exciting educational circus performance featuring juggling, clowning, physical comedy, acrobatics, unicycling and other circus arts built around a strong environmental message. Featuring a lively contemporary and classical musical score, Circus for a Fragile Planet is a side-splitting, mind-opening blend of circus and science that every Kinsella looks forward to annually.
The Re-Center is dedicated to helping transform K-12 schools into equitable learning environments free from impacts of racism. As one teacher said, "This work is not just useful, it is essential if we are committed to the health and academic success of all students."  Student in 5th and 6th grade visit The Discovery Center for multiple nights.  The 2-4 night excursions are hosted by the Re-Center staff and the Kinsella staff.
The Gifted ONez
Kimberly Bridges and the Gifted ONez staff teach life skills through the art forms of dance, rap, step, poetry, singing and acting.  The students create original work and perform within the school and in the community educating the through performance pieces on isues they faced everyday such as violence, peer pressure, bullying, cyber abuse and career goal setting.  She has been teaching,loving, caring, & disciplining the youth in Hartford for more than twenty years.