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Welcome to Performing Arts!

Kinsella is not just a school- it’s a feeling! When walking through our school or attending one of our many performances, it is clear that the “feeling” is special. On this page you will find what is at the heart of Kinsella Magnet School of Performing Arts.

Comprehensive training, cultural exposure and arts integration are the three strategic prongs of our approach. The performing arts act as the vehicle in making academic content relevant and pertinent in the lives of our students. The three links below detail the three pillars of performing arts at Kinsella Magnet School

1. Comprehensive Training
(What is comprehensive training?)
Staff and Faculty Directory
Production Calendar
Required Dance Clothes

2. Cultural Exposure
(What does Cultural Exposure mean?)

3. Arts Integration
(How does arts integration help learning?)

Kinsella Proudly Presents the 2018/19 Season~
     The Year of Haven- A Safe Place


  • 9/12- The Day After Community Ceremony of Peace
  • 12th Annual Cultural Heritage Celebration 
  • All Shook Up (the musical) - presented by High School Musical Theatre
  • Fall One Act Festival- presented by the High School Drama
  • 12th Annual Winter Music Concert – presented by the 5th-12th Instrumental Department
  • Once on this Island.- presented by 5th-8th Grade Musical Theatre
  • 6th  Annual Groovin’- A Night of Jazz- presented by the High School J Grooves
  • Winter String and Vocal Concert- presented by the 5th to 8th Grade Vocal Performance
  • Cinderella- 12th Annual 1st and 2nd Grade Showcase
  • The Wizard of Oz- presented by the Middle School Drama Dept.
  • 2019 Faculty and Staff Talent Show- presented by the PTO and the 8th Grade team
  • Bird & Girl, an original dance concert presented by High School Dance
  • Middle School Dance Concert- presented by 5th-8th Grade Dance
  • 12th Annual Pre Kinder and Kindergarten Showcase
  • Haven Show!- presented by Kim Bridges’ The Gifted Onez
  • Spring One Act Festival presented by the High School Drama
  • 2018 Spring Instrumental Concert- presented by 4th-12th Grade Instrumental
  • Spring Vocal Concert presented the High School Vocal Performance Dept.
  • 4rd Annual Piano Stars Spring Concert
  • 5th Annual String Festival
  • 2019 Kinsella Film Festival
  • 2019 Senior Farewell Show

Come see a show!  Be part of the feeling!
Eddie Duran
Artistic Director
Kinsella Magnet School of Performing Arts