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Parent Portal-Power School (Grades Prek-12)

                                                          Power School Monitoring your Child's Progress
                                                           Parent Portal for grades Prek-12
Parent Portal is a tool that allows the parent and the student to access information regarding attendance, grades, test scores, quizzes, projects, homework assignments, messages from the teacher, school announcements.
The parent and the student can see this information at any time (day or night), seven days a week, from your computer, IPAD, smartphone, even have the progress e-mailed to you as often as you wish.
Each parent will receive a private password that only the parent can access online to obtain their own information. If your child is in 5th-12th grade they can obtain their own access code and check throughout the school year, monitoring their own progress.
Parents/Guardians if you haven't created an account, please do so it's valuable information and effective for both you and your child.
 Contact Luz Rivera, Family Resource Aide at (860) 695-4140  to obtain your access code. or e-mail your request to: rivel004@hartfordschools.org
High School, Vanessa Rodriguez, School & Family Support Provider at  (860) 695-2075 or e-mail: rivev002@hartfordschools.org
Vanessa Rodriguez, School & Family Support Service Provider, available days & times:
Monday-Wednesday at 65 Van Block, room 122 Direct Line (860) 695-4176
Thursday & Friday at the High School, 245 Locust St room 57
Direct Line: (860) 695-2075 or e-mail: rivev002@hartfordschools.org

Parents/Guardians if you need to reach me, you may call me at either building.