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Our Academic & School Programs

  • All-day Kindergarten and PK Program with Extended Hours
  • Suzuki violin for all preschools and any Kindergarten-3rd grade students interested
  • Emergent Curriculum Model (Learning emerges through student interests) Students in grades 5-8 choose an area of performing arts concentration and receive small group instruction.
  • All students play a musical instrument
  • Portfolio-based assessment
  • Located in the Coltsville Historic section adjacent to Adrian’s Landing
  • Community Partnerships
  • Northeast Utilities
  • Partnerships with Hartford Stage, The Bushnell, CT Opera, Hartford Symphony, Hartt School of Music, and Pilobolus, Tom Lee- Storyteller, Connecticut Ballet, Theatre Works, Hartford Children's Theatre, Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, Elizabeth Thomas- Slam Poet, Hartford City Ballet, Yale Glee Club, Albano Ballet, Amistad, and The Charter Oak Cultural Center
  • Wadworth Atheneum and The Bushnell Center for Performing Arts provide Extended Day Arts development